SNAP Retailer Assistance & Compliance



APS assist store owners (in all 50 states) with the SNAP application process, FNS re-authorizations and SNAP compliance requirements.  APS helps to ensure retailers understand the USDA guidelines for EBT acceptance in order to maintain an active FNS account and avoid USDA disqualification, fines, civil and or criminal action.

APS Assist Retailers With the Following Items: 

  • SNAP Application Submission
  • USDA Inspection Requirements
  • USDA Letter Responses
  • Operational SNAP Compliance Policy
  • SNAP Training Requirements
  • Access to SNAP Attorney
  • FNS Reauthorization
  • POS (with Scanner) for EBT Payments
  • Failed Inspections or Violations

Store Owner Comments...

We use APS for all of our store reauthorizations, original SNAP EBT applications and any communications with the USDA. I recommend using APS for all of your SNAP EBT needs.


AzizStore Owner

APS does the SNAP EBT applications and the payment processing for all of my stores. I strongly recommend using APS for EBT processing and SNAP compliance.


RahimStore Owner

We had APS assist us with the EBT application, processing and compliance. The process was simple, and we now have a cost-effective and SNAP compliant EBT processing solution.


AnwerStore Owner

Working with APS, I was able to get my store approved for EBT within 3 weeks. The best part was that APS did everything for me. I highly recommend using APS!


ShirinStore Owner